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The AFA peels are dye free and preservative free because the pH naturally preserves the products. AFAs are based on naturally occurring amino acids that make up the Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) of the skin. Since they are naturally found in the skin, AFAs effectively exfoliate the skin in a non-reactive way. Additionally, by supplementing the Natural Moisturizing Factors, AFAs dramatically increase skin hydration. The AFA peels have NO preservatives because the PH of the product is  low enough that it preserves the product (unlike other peels)  Also women that have gone through breast cancer tend to have really dry skin and sensitivity due to dryness which is usually cased by the medication and treatments. The AFA peels' hydration is superior as the product is based on Amino Acids. Amino acids are vital naturally occurring building blocks in the body.  Amino Acids are already part of the natural moisturizer factor of the skin, natural to the human body....therefore it makes the peel non-reactive....opposed to a chemical peel which is essentially a foreign body to the skin.

AFA Peels

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