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Accolades - Client Reviews

"Thank you for the wonderful praise, I am always happy to be of service." Darlene

I loved my experience at Secret Faces.Darlene is the best, she picked out the right Alumier MD products for my skin .After 6 weeks of using these products my skin really transformed, my skin hasn’t been this good in the last two years.I had very bad adult acne and with the use of these products my acne is completely gone. So happy that I found Alumier MD and Darlene to help me choose the products Shradha

It's fives stars and nothing less! This woman is absolutely at the top of her game. Let's be real, I'm pretty fussy! Darlene delivers the straight goods and nothing more. I drive from Downtown Toronto when I am home and I make sure to see her when I fly home from Vegas when I am there for 8 months of the year. It's worth every effort to go to this lovely establishment. She's trained the best in the business. She's by far the leading expert in her field. Call for a consult, please at the very least. You'll never regret it for a second! - James

I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Darlene is extremely knowledgeable about the science and the art of what she does. The clinic is very well equipped and professional. Most importantly, I trust Darlene and am always confident that I will receive the best possible results from the treatments I receive. - Tracy

Darlene at Secret Faces is the best nurse I've ever had do any work on my face. She is so thorough and her level of service is unmatched. She really makes sure you leave happy and satisfied, I highly recommend her! - Lindsey

Darlene is an amazing & compassionate individual and truly delivers 5-star service to her clients. Responsive, accommodating, and caring. She is immensely knowledgeable & educated and I would trust no one else when it comes to injections and skin care. She is well worth consideration and her level of expertise is second to none. - Lindsay

There's a reason everyone says Darlene is the best - because she is! She is an absolute expert and I trust her endlessly. I never feel like she's trying to oversell me on anything but every recommendation she's made has been exactly what I needed and you can tell she knows her stuff. Beautiful location and space. You won't be disappointed. Thanks Darlene! - Kaitlin

Darlene at Secret Faces is simply wonderful! She provides excellent advice on what procedures will be best for you and manages to restore a youthful look that is so natural. The rates are great too! I highly recommend you try Secret Faces; you will not be disappointed and I guarantee everyone will be dying to know the secret to your beautiful face! I have been going to Secret Faces for 2 years now and am always thrilled with my results! - Jane

Darlene is the BEST! Wonder results, so accommodating, get location with lots of parking. Salon is amazingly clean and sanitary and relaxing. You won’t be disappointed! - Sharon

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