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Latisse® Eyelash Grower

Latisse® Eyelash grower is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA and Health Canada for inadequate or not enough eyelashes, growing them longer, fuller, and darker.


Unlike over the counter preparations which are conditioners, Latisse is an eyelash grower which lengthens the Anagen or active growing phase of the eyelashes making them longer, thicker and darker.


Great eyelashes don’t just happen overnight. That is why it’s important to note that the Latisse® solution works gradually and remarkably — with full results in most patients at week 16. Once you begin, you must continue applying the topical solution each night and follow the directions for the best results. If you stop using Latisse® at any time, your eyelashes will return to their previous appearance over several weeks to months.

As the treatment progresses, you’ll first begin to see changes in length. Then, gradually, you’ll notice more thickness and darkness in your lashes. If you’re satisfied with your results by week 8, don’t stop there. Stick with the treatment. After week 16, you’ll see the full effect of Latisse® solution — and so will others. After that, you can contact The Powder Room about ongoing use.

EyEnvy® Serum

The EyEnvy® serum is now Canada’s #1 salon exclusive lash conditioner! It is increasingly becoming everyone’s must-have serum! The serum helps improve the length, fullness, thickness to your own natural lashes, making you look like the star that you are.


Many things can come into effect in a lash cycle, it’s important to understand where the hair is at. If you apply EyEnvy at the last stage of the lash growth, the conditioning boost will influence the push of new growth as it was ready to come out.

The effects of length, density, and volume will vary with each individu­al’s situation. Individual stressors, age, the environment will affect hair loss and hair growth. The consumption of medications, steroids and hormones can also affect hair loss/lash growth.

Keep in mind that as you age, your lash cycle can become shorter but this doesn’t apply to everyone and depends mostly on your genes. The follicles gradually give up producing long, strong lashes, and lashes become thinner and shorter.

Use EyEnvy Lash Conditioner on a daily basis if you want to continue to have results. When you stop using it, your lash growth cycle will revert back to nor­mal.

If you are lucky enough to start using a lash enhancement serum during the resting/shedding phase, you might see results more quickly because you were just about to go into a growth period anyway.