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Purasomes Skin Rejuvenation

Secret Faces provides the ultimate rejuvenating experience.



Customized For Your Needs

Purasomes work as messengers of healing, transferring vital information and resources to target cells, tissues, and organs. Once administered into the skin, they navigate through the bloodstream and precisely deliver their cargo to damaged or aging cells, stimulating repair and regeneration.


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What are Purasomes?

Purasomes are non-human cell derived exosomes that come from bovine colostrum (Holstein cow’s milk) and also contain a combination of 20 Billion Exosomes in their purest form, the first "purified" exosomes made in Europe, and 20 most potent Growth Factors and Cytokines. They are the first purified exosomes approved in Canada, US and Europe.


Bovine colostrum is one of the richest source of growth factors and Exosomes in nature:

  • 100% natural

  • Non-recombinant

  • No risk of transmitting infections

  • Halal & Kosher Certified

  • Lyophilized for storing at room temperature

What are Exosomes?

The  reason why you need to use Exosome Skin Boosters is that Exosomes are key for cell-to-cell communication and carry proteins and nucleic acids to other cells to influence cellular behaviour. They play an important role in remodelling and regeneration of damaged tissues and delaying the aging process. Fine exosome particles are transferred to fibroblasts to activate cells and promote the production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. 

Research: The biology, function, and biomedical applications of exosomes

Three Formulations

Skin Nutri Complex

Designed to help promote angiogenesis and new tissue formation, providing firmness and elasticity of the skin.

  • 20 Billion Exosomes

  • 200 mg Growth Factors

  • 75 mg HMW HA (1100-1400kDA)

  • 75 mg LMW HA (80-100kDA)

  • PDRN

  • 23 Amino Acids - 10 Vitamins - 6 CoEnzymes

  • Reducing Agents


Skin Nutri Complex was designed to re-architecture tired skin and amplify cellular performance to the level of younger skin.


Works on mature, dry, distressed and photo-damaged aged skin by amplifying cellular performance and repairs the deepest layers of the skin by supporting collagen formation to maintain skin fitness and elasticity.


With enhanced penetration ability it deeply nourishes and replenishes the skin promoting new tissue formation and firmer skin in 4 weeks.

Skin Glow Complex

Contains unique synergistic combinations, brightening agents and major antioxidants to help enhance and rebuild skin complexion.

  • 20 billion Exosomes

  • 200 mg Growth Factors

  • 50 mg HMW HA (1100-1400kDA)

  • 50 mg LMW HA (80-100kDA)

  • Amino Acids

  • Concentrate Stable Vitamin C derivative

  • 3 Antioxidant-Peptides


Reverse - used in treatment of abnormal unwanted pigmentation included melasma and solar lentigeni.

Revive - Revitalizing skin for radiance and vitality. Enhancing skin brightening and skin luminosity. Preventing free radicals.

Rebuild - Creates a long-lasting protective barrier and strong antioxidant effect against sun radiation. Enriched by stem cells of the pomegranate, harvested in the middle of its ripening to obtain the substances that control pigmentation and production of antioxidants to achieve its peak brightening potential.

Hair & Scalp Complex

Designed to help reduce hair loss, support epigenetic reset of hair bulb, recharge hair follicles and reactivate normal functioning.

  • 20 billion Exosomes

  • 200 mg Growth Factors

  • 25 mg HMW HA (1100-1400kDA)

  • 25 mg LMW HA (80-100kDA)

  • 7 Peptides

  • 8 Vitamins

  • Phyto-Peptidic Fractions


Reset - resets the strength of the dermal papilla and stops hair loss.

Remodels - remodels the hair microenvironment restructuring and reinforcing the hair follicles.

Restores - By regulating the hair formation and growth cycles it restores the hair growth synchrony.


How It Works

The synergistic effects of the nourishing ingredients and hyaluronic acid improve the healing process of skin damage and accelerate cell renewal. Extrinsic hyaluronic acid fills the space between collagen fibres reducing water loss.


Restores ionic balance in the cells providing correct protein synthesis of the dermis. Stimulate reproduction of cell renewal. Increases dermis density and reduces the production of harmful free radicals. Influences restoration of the cell flexibility.

Reported Benefits


Cellular Regeneration: Twenty billion exosomes and 20 of the most potent growth factors enter the skin and stimulate collagen, creating new cells, and helping with a process known as angiogenesis (i.e. the creation of new blood vessels) to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin.

Anti-Inflammatory: The process stimulates anti-inflammatory action that calms the skin in the long-run. Helping with redness and keeping the skin looking youthful.

Minimally Invasive: One of the most remarkable aspects of Purasome treatment is its minimally invasive nature. Unlike surgical procedures, Purasomes are administered topically following microneedling, making them a safer and less traumatic option for patients.

Versatility: The therapeutic potential of Purasomes is vast, ranging from promoting tissue repair and reducing inflammation to regenerating new blood vessel formation within the skin matrix. It also has a pivotal role in promoting new collagen formation via stimulation of fibroblasts formation within the skin.



Immediately post-treatment, redness is to be expected. Skin sensitivity is also normal. Fortunately, the downtime for the treatment is minimal, and individuals are able to return to their usual skincare routine after 48 hours. 

You can start to see the real results after a full skin cycle has passed, about 28 days. It is recommended to repeat the treatment three times in the space of three months to harness the full benefit.

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