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LipSmart® Hydrating Lip Treatment

Secret Faces provides the ultimate rejuvenating experience.

LIPSMART Hydrating Technology

Lipsmart® with Hydrating Technology 

Powerful Hydration - Real Results!

Lipsmart is a Game Changer that’s recommended by renowned physicians worldwide for its amazing results.


Can be used as needed throughout the day,

worn over or under lipstick to enhance

the beauty of your lips.


To learn more about how this service can be

personalized for your unique needs.

Feel free to reach out today.

What is Lipsmart® 

Lipsmart’s Superior Hydrating Technology naturally draws in water molecules to increase hydration and is clinically proven to recover and restore lip’s moisture content for up to 4 hours.


Eliminates dryness caused by environmental changes as well as side effects from medications. Heals sensitive lips from unbearable discomfort due to tightness, peeling and cracking resulting in healthier, softer, and fuller-looking lips.

  • Dermatology Tested

  • Hypo-Allergenic

  • Paraben-Free

  • Gluten-Free

  • Cruelty-Free

Powerful Hydration for Dry Lips


How It Works?

Typical lip balms tend to temporarily condition the skin or wax the lips over to seal in any moisture left in them, but don't do much to address the real problem - damage to collagen, the lips' natural barrier, and a lack of moisture.

Our peptide and ceramide-rich formula hand in hand with natural soy proteins kicks collagen production into high gear, while also helping to repair the lip's natural protective barrier. 


Collagen plumps the lips back up naturally, while the natural barrier provides protection and retention of moisture.

Key Ingredients

5 powerfully effective key ingredients


Biomimetic Peptides – Amino acids boost natural hyaluronic acid & collagen, and play a role in protein synthesis to build strength


Ceramides + Glycolipids – replenish and seal in moisture to help prevent water molecules from evaporating.


Phytokine - A natural soy protein that actively supports collagen & restores hydration rejuvenating the lips


Bioactive Fruit Extracts – Powerful multifunctional blend that naturally nourishes, brightens, softens, helps maintain elasticity and promotes optimal skin health


Tribehenin – A plant rived conditioner that revives the skin and locks in hydration providing lasting moisture for significantly longer periods.

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