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Clear Beautiful Clear Skin with IPL Photofacials

At Secret Faces in Oakville, we offer IPL Photofacial with Lumecca™ by Inmode, known for providing remarkable, clear, beautiful skin. It is also referred to as Intense Pulsed Light Therapy.

This non-surgical treatment improves the appearance of acne, facial lines, wrinkles, freckles, and age marks. The upper layers of your skin gently heat up with light energy, and the heat is absorbed, stimulating your skin cells to regenerate new collagen.

Typical areas you can treat are usually exposed to sunlight, often including the face, neck, décolletage, legs, hands and arms.

IPL improves vascular lesions, including spider telangiectasis, port wine stains, broken facial veins, rosy cheeks, rosacea, and red thread veins of the legs.

We live in a time when we want quick results, and for many, their skincare products don't work fast enough to see results. The good news is that after one use of IPL, our patients notice significant improvements in the complexion and clarity of the skin.

Preparation for Treatment

IPL light therapy directly targets the skin, so prepare your skin before your IPL treatment. Avoid sunbathing two weeks before your appointment to prevent skin damage, and no tanning beds, waxing, cosmetic procedures, or antibiotics.

Benefits of IPL Photofacial treatments.

- Treats persistent blemishes, acne scarring and rosacea

- Corrects signs of premature aging

- Improve skin texture, the appearance of wrinkles and skin tightness.

- There is little downtime, so you can resume regular activity, wear makeup the next day) and see noticeable results in just a few weeks.

To maximize the IPL's benefits, you want to take care of your skin after the treatment and use sunscreen to protect against ultraviolet rays.


Intense pulse light treatment is safe to use. Unlike the laser treatment, which focuses on just one wavelength of light on the skin, IPL treatment releases different light wavelengths.

This makes penetrable deep into the skin without causing any harm.

IPL Photofacial is not a toxic treatment and is safe for most, except for pregnant women and those on blood thinners.


When you buy a package of IPL, receive a Bonus Gift of AlumierMD Recovery Balm, an antioxidant and peptide-rich moisturizer formulated explicitly for post-procedure recovery. Hinokitiol and Aloe soothe, and copper peptide rehabilitates the look of sensitive skin.

Contact Darlene to discuss your personal needs and wants.



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