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Ozempic Face - What is it?

Sagging skin from rapid weight loss

You may have heard the term Ozempic Face or seen the discussion on social media.

It is what is happening from rapid weight loss from a few new drugs on the marketplace (Semaglutide found in Ozempic and Wegovy sold as Mounjaro. that people are taking to lose weight rapidly. Yes, the results are, in fact, rapid weight loss for many, but the downside of this phenomenon is the effect it has on the body and especially on our face.

Ozempic Face refers to the deflated and sunken look that occurs in the face after rapid weight loss.

When you lose weight rapidly, the fat tissue in your face can begin to sag, and the facial bones become more pronounced. You notice it more in the lower cheeks and temple areas, appearing hollowed and giving you the look of premature aging.

Losing fat in the face is a normal part of any weight loss. However, Ozempic face happens when you lose excess weight, typically in a short time. The rapid volume loss doesn’t give the skin enough time to bounce back and adjust to the changes, resulting in a saggy, aged appearance.

While anyone who loses significant weight quickly can experience the described facial changes, some users may show more noticeable signs than others.

People aged 40 and above.

Due to the natural age-related changes to the face, such as a loss of elasticity that makes the skin prone to sagging, and the volume loss of the natural fat pads, people over 40 are more likely to have noticeable signs of Ozempic face.

Treatment options

One of the signs of weight loss in the face is volume loss. Here are a few options to consider:

Dermal fillers - Dermal Fillers are used to fill in wrinkles, add volume to lips, give a slight lift to sagging skin and fill in contour irregularities.

Collagen stimulators such as Microneedling. Secret Faces uses SkinPen® designed to stimulate collagen formation creating healthy skin.

Skin-tightening procedures include radiofrequency treatments, microneedling, energy-based devices, and lasers. Botox and Dysport work well for the loss of volume in the face.

When deciding to use any injectables, discussing your needs and wants with a professional is advised, and that is what you get with Nurse Darlene at Secret Faces.

Darlene customizes each treatment, and the overall experience is just as crucial to Darlene as the outcome. Call 905-808-1774

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