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More about Mesotherapy

This prospective study’s object is to evaluate clinical effects of mesotherapy applied to wrinkles, hair, and fat zones...

MESO stimulates skin from inside without changing its expression and shape.

L'ESTHETIC MESO uses the highest standards of ingredients. Vitamins, natural extracts, essential elements, organic silicon, pure hyaluronic acid are part of our formulation. 

skinlight meso.jpg


Lightening Solution


Acts as a skin brightener, reduces pigmentation and age-spots.


This effective complex is made of ascorbic acid, vitamin C and glutathione.


Suitable for face and body treatments.


Hair Booster


Thanks to its innovative formula, a mix between calcium pantothenate and pyridoxine, hair vitality and growth are stimulated.


Biotin favors cells growth, it both fights hair loss and greying.

meso hair revitalizer
slim body.jpg


Fat and cellulite reducer


Developed by our slimming specialists, this caffeine - green tea treatment reduces cellulite, activates lipolysis and acts as an efficient fat reducer.


Our new formula with deoxycholic acid gives impressive results!



Intensive moisturizer smooth and glow

Pure, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and sodium phosphate are indicated for skin hydration, eye contour and dark circles. Efficient for anti-aging preventive action.
Suitable for all ages and skin types. Acts as a skin booster. Indicated in the prevention of aging signs. 

​Recommended treatment areas: face, neck, décolleté, back of hands, upper arms, elbows 

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