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Botox/Dysport & Filler Misconceptions

Botox/Dysport Injections for young and older people

Even with both women's and men's widespread use of Botox/Dysport and Fillers, some misconceptions may prevent some from using these treatments to enhance their beauty regime.

So, let's debunk them today!

The effects are permanent.

Botox and Fillers are medications, and your body metabolizes them, so NO, they are not permanent. Depending on where you get the injections, they can last anywhere from six weeks to a year.

For example, Botox to reduce frown lines, fine lines and wrinkles could last from four to six months, and Fillers can last from six months to much longer before being gradually absorbed by the body. Fillers or Dermal Fillers fill in wrinkles, add volume to lips, slightly lift sagging skin, and fill in contour irregularities. Dysport is great to use as a preventative and more specialized for treating - frown lines and vertical lines that appear between your eyebrows.

There is a risk factor involved.

With any medical or cosmetic procedure, there may be a risk. However, to reduce or eliminate any risks -

- Go to a trained and licensed professional injector
- If you a comfortable with the injector, stay with them for any additional treatments
- Book a consultation and be informed of the safety measures for you before the treatment. The more experience your injector has, the better results the procedure will have and being educated and informed will improve the entire experience and reduce any fears you may have.

Botox is a safe procedure unless you are breastfeeding or have a neurological disease, but again, discuss it with a professional so you are informed.

With over 12 years of experience, Darlene is a registered nurse with extensive medical and aesthetic expertise in the optimal dosing and techniques for Botox and Fillers. She is accredited with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and, therefore, creates a beautiful natural look.

Darlene customizes each treatment, and the overall experience is just as important to Darlene as the outcome.

Injectibles for enhancing your beauty

Too young or too old to try injections.

Anyone can benefit from Botox and Fillers. Young clients in their 20s and 30s have no fear because they have yet to be inundated with misconceptions. And this is great because they can start preventative steps to slow aging.

People in their 40s and 50s can really benefit from both Botox and Fillers; however, they tend to be the most hesitant, so hopefully, this article will ease their concerns.

They are only for cosmetic improvements.

As a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, Botox is famous for reducing the appearance of facial lines like -
- crow's feet,
- frown lines,
- forehead lines and wrinkles to improve the contour of the face.

Health Canada approved the use of Botox to treat chronic migraine in 2011. The clinical trials proved its efficacy and safety for treating chronic migraine. Botox can be offered as a treatment for people with chronic migraines. Botox can also be used for heavy sweating, neck spasms, and overactive bladder symptoms.

These treatments are too expensive.

It is not too expensive as long as it is worth it to you!

You may want to save up for that retreat vacation or a special event outfit. When it comes to your physical appearance and slowing down the aging process, you may have to save a little, but if the end result gives you the desired outcome and makes you feel better, then isn't it worth it?

We suggest you have a consultation with Darlene to discuss what you are looking to achieve and the cost of the procedure, and then you can make an informed decision if Botox/Dysport or Dermal Fillers is for you.


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