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Your Solution for All Lip Concerns

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Recommended by renowned Physicians, Dermatologists and Lip Injection Clinics worldwide

for its proven results.

LIPSMART is an effective solution for all dry lip concerns. The proprietary formula delivers intense, medical-grade hydration that’s clinically proven visible results in just 60 seconds.

LIPSMART is a game-changer and can be worn throughout the day alone or over and under lipstick.

Key Benefits

+ Visible results in 60 seconds
+ Medical-grade Hydration
+ Smooths & Brightens
+ Plumps with Moisture
+ Nourishes & Volumizes
+ Diminishes Fine Lines, Cracks & Flaking
+ Helps speed recovery post-procedures

The Formula

5 Powerfully Effective Key Ingredients

Biomimetic Peptides – Ceramides + Glycolipids – Phytokine – Bioactive Fruit Extracts - Tribehenin

Typical lip balms tend to temporarily condition the skin or wax the lips over to seal in any moisture left in them, but don't do much to address the real problem - damage to collagen, the lips' natural barrier, and a lack of moisture.

The peptide and ceramide rich formula kicks collagen production into high gear. Feel the change of the natural protective barrier repairing and retaining moisture again. Flaccid and deflated lips rebound back to their natural volume and bounce

With the magic mix locked in, LIPSMART will continuously bring in more moisture throughout the day, for long-lasting hydration.

LIPSMART is the Ultra Hydrating Treatment Moisturizer

Watch what happens in 60 seconds Click Here

Contact Darlene at Secret Faces to get your today! 905.808.1774

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